The newcomer event is a training event that is only available to new players for three days after joining Ninja Royale. The event is designed to introduce the new player to some aspects of the events held in the game. You cannot participate in any other events without completing this event first.

Newcomer event banner

This event is known to have a long delay for delivering prizes. However, some players receive their prizes instantly.

Old Storyline

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New Storyline

Raid Boss

Raid bosses are a special type of boss encountered during events. They appear during missions, but cannot be defeated in one turn or by a single player. Instead, players work together in teams to defeat each raid boss.

Battling a raid boss uses up your battle turns. You can choose to use either 1 or 3 turns at a time. Using 3 turns allows you to do 500% more damage during the battle.

Battling the raid boss gives you a chance at prizes. The more damage you do, the better the prizes. Information on raid bosses you have fought can be found under Your Challenges > Time-Limited. This is also where you go to claim raid boss prizes after the bosses have been defeated.

There are 6 kinds of rewards earned from battling a raid boss:

  • Attack Reward
    • Earned immediately after you fight the raid boss
  • Contrib Reward
    • Earned after the boss is defeated
    • Reward is proportional to how much damage you did
  • MVP Bonus
    • Earned by the player doing the most damage
  • Runner-up Reward
    • Earned by the players doing the 2nd/3rd most damage
  • Crackdown Reward
    • Earned by striking the killing blow
    • Not available during team battles
  • Supremacy Reward
    • Earned by being on the team that did the most damage
    • Only available during team battles

Team Battles

During events, you are put into random teams with other players and fight against players on an opposing team to score more points than them.

  • You earn points by taking part in the event tasks and battling the raid boss.

Each team battle offers 3 sets of prizes:

  • Supremacy prize, for the winning team
  • Consolation prize, for the losing team
  • Top 3 prize, awarded to the top 3 players of each team

Prize Gallery

These are the prizes that can be earned during this event. For more information on each item, go the Equipment and Goods pages.

Information is needed for prizes earmed between 700 points and 3400 points.

Points Required Item
10 Dorayaki (S)
50 Novice Sword
100 Gloves
150 Bamboo Flask
200 Dorayaki (S) x 3
250 Octet Ninjas Star
300 Straw Gauntlets
350 Water-Walkers
400 Dragon Gem x 10
450 Angel Axe
500 Iron Gauntlets
550 Serrated Billhook
600 Cookie
650 Novice Sword
700 Gloves
700-3400 Info needed
3400 Octet Ninja Star
3600 Straw Gauntlets
3800 Water Walkers
4000 Dorayaki (S) x 3
4200 Octet Ninja Star
4400 Straw Gauntlets
4600 Water Walkers
4800 50,000 zeny
5000 Octet Ninja Star
5500 Straw Gauntlets
6000 Water-Walkers
6500 Dragon Gem x10
7000 Ultimate Blade
7500 Assassin's Cloak
8000 Dragon Kite
8500 50,000 zeny
9000 Angel Axe
9500 Iron Gauntlets
10000 Serrated Billhook
11000 Dragon Gem x10
12000 Angel Axe
13000 Iron Gauntlets
14000 Serrated Billhook
15000 50,000 zeny
16000 Angel Axe
17000 Iron Gauntlets
18000 Serrated Billhook
19000 Dragon Gem x10
20000 Angel Axe
21000 Iron Gauntlets
22000 Serrated Billhook
23000 50,000 zeny
24000 Scorpion Bow
25000 Crux Vambrace
26000 Fallwind Scarf
27000 Dragon Gem x10
28000 Saber
29000 Traveler's Hat
30000 Black Pearl Necklace
31000 50,000 zeny
32000 Saber
33000 Traveler's Hat
34000 Black Pearl Necklace
35000 Dragon Gem x10
36000 Saber
37000 Traveler's Hat
38000 Black Pearl Necklace
39000 50,000 zeny
40000 Saber
41000 Traveler's Hat
42000 Black Pearl Necklace
43000 Dragon Gem x10
44000 Ultimate Blade
45000 Assassin's Cloak
46000 Dragon Kite
47000 50,000 zeny

Rank Rewards

Clan Suits

1-100: Epic Suit/Rare Suit/Common Suit 101-500: Rare Suit/Common Suit

501-:Common Suit

====Clan Gear 1: 4 clan clan armor*, 4 clan 3: 3 *, 4 clan tools*

21-, 3 clan tools* 51-100: 4 clan weapons, 3 clan tools 101-300: 3 clan weapons, 3 clan tools 301-500: 2 clan weapons 501-1000: 1 clan weapon