New page for Night of the Serpent!!

Night of the Serpent Event

Tips & Tricks

  • Switch between autoslot regular gear and arena gear based on the situation!
  • Fleeing battle does not use up the Doubleup/super up(SP?) 3 chance.
  • Absconja's ability is affected by the real ninja players equipment. So if their equipment sucks, the absconja will still be hard, but they will be much easier than otherwise.
  • In some cases the lower Absconja (brown treasure) is easier than a well equipped opponent.
  • Be careful of losing to a low rep person while fighting for Med packs. You could lose Hundred's of reps (the converse is also true)
  • Med Pack fights do NOT take gear element power into account.
  • If you are running low on health, intentionally losing to an opponent with much higher rank points than you can make sense.

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