Treasure, it is greatly coveted and highly valuable. Ninjas love treasure and will do whatever they can to get their hands on it. Do what you can to protect it and collect it, there are rewards for those who succeed.

Mission Collections

There are several collections of treasures, each with its own reward for completing. Gather all 7 pieces from each to claim your prize.

  • Shells
  • Cannons (Coming Soon)

Event Collections

There are 3 sets of treasures for each Treasure Event. Gather all the pieces from each to claim points towards prizes. The third set for each event can be collected multiple times for continued points.

Obtaining Treasure

There are a few different ways in which a player can gain a piece of treasure. The easiest is to find a treasure chest while on a mission. The other methods require combat with other players. You can choose to battle another player at the cost of a battle turn. If you win, you succeed in stealing their treasure. Should you lose, your battle turn is wasted and the treasure remains out of reach. The other combat method is a Revenge Request. When someone steals from your friends, they may ask you to avenge them. When you are successful in defeating a foe in a revenge request, you are rewarded with a piece of treasure.

Protecting Treasure

Just as you may build your collection stealing from others, other ninjas will be trying to build their collection by stealing from you. The way you can protect your treasures is with Traps. Select a piece of treasure from your collection and tap the Set Trap button to place a trap to protect your treasure. Be careful though, traps are one-time use only. This means that only the first ninja to attempt to steal your treasure will trigger the trap. Anyone after that will have a clear shot. Also, after you set a trap on a treasure, you cannot remove it or use it on a different item. Keeping your best gear on makes you a tougher opponent and is your most reliable line of defence.

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