Towers Of Power

Fallen Ninjas

Defeat the Fallen Ninjas For Rare Gear and Prizes!

ToP Thieves

Petty Thief

ToP Petty Thief

Drops some lower quality clan gear, lower quality event specific gear, (s) Handful of Might, (s) Scoop of Riches, etc...

Crack Thief

ToP Crack Thief

Only appears during Challenges. Drops Challenge specific Gear and items as well as random stuff detailed in Petty Thief.

Grand Thief

ToP Grand Thief

Drops high & low quality clan Gear, high & low quality event specific gear, (l) Handful of Might, (l) Scoop of Riches, etc...

Availiable Clans

Mantis Clan


Unlocked after obtaining 5 Points. Pretty sure they didn't mean Palillon Clan.

Darius Clan

Darius Clan Proper

Unlocked after obtaining 5000 Points

Toro Clan

Toros Clan

Unlocked after obtaining 45000 points.

Tips and Tricks

  • Be sure to autoslot your element gears to get the best possible damage for a certain tower.

  • When you opt to send a health pack to someone else instead of using it, you may have an assist available. That means that the next time you are in a battle and your health gets pretty low, you will recieve an assist from the person that you sent the health pack to. However, that person has to defeat their opponent to get the medic pack before the assist is available.
  • You can beat a grand thief easily with a double up, or more difficultly with a frenzy + attack aid, or frenzy + assist. I have done this with level 4 non-event gear several times.
  • When you are battleing your way through a floor and decide to switch to a different tower, you will loose reps.
  • Clearing a floor or leveling up will restore your health.
  • During the 'Comp the Lineage Gear (Round 1)' Challenge you can only get the Element Ninja Suit in the corresponding Element Tower.
  • Don't fuse your duplicate Ninja Suits! Round 2 has you collecting 3 of each and Fuseing your multiples together only counts as 1. In Round 3 you need to collect 5. Round 4 is 10.
  • In previous Arena Events, you could flee from battle instead of using a dose of Super Dupe. In this version fleeing from battle counts as a use of Super Duper. However, if you quit out of the game at the opponent selection screen and restart it wont use one up and you can find a different battle.
  • Handful's of might (M) do not sell for the 30 gems that they read as selling for. Instead they sell for 5 gems and 1 ore.
  • When you are about to do a health pack battle, Event Edge doesn't apply. Might as well go to the home screen and uncheck event edge and equip your best gear.
  • Make sure you check how many reps you get from each battle. Occaisionally there will be an especially high rep battle against a player with much more reps.
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