The first treasure set in the Treasures from the Deep event.

Tasty Whittles

Bounties of the sea, whittled by a fisherman for his own pleasure.

Pieces of Treasure

Whittled Clam

  • Known as beach chestnut in some parts of the world, the humble clam becomes a wood object of simple yet striking charm.

Whittled prawn

  • Red as a lantern and as welcome a sight, the plump gloss of this wood item has remained undimmed through the ages.

Whittled Sea Bream

  • This carving once stood in for the real thing at a noble celebration after a kitchen accident--and saved a cook's like.

Whittled Octopus

  • A portrait in wood of a man-eating cephalopod known as the Eight-Clawed Demon, down whose maw many a diver were lost.

Whittled Sea Urchin

  • Thorny without, tender beyond imagining within. This was the carver's last work before he was lost at sea.

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