Striking paintings rendered in pigments from across the sea.


This treasure set can be found in Mt Zen - White Oblivion and Mt Zen - A Dojo with a View

Pieces of Treasure

Sakura Scroll

  • Sakura symbolizes change. The joy of spring arriving, and the sorrow to see it go.

Northern Sky Crane Scroll

  • Two cranes dance together under a northern winter sky, living in the moment.

Wandering Geisha Scroll

  • Sound is color. A Geisha, who wanders from one town to the next, knows not what it means to "settle down".

Sublime Mountains Scroll

  • Mountains are wise. They know of all the sadness and joy that humans have unfurled.

Compelling Sumo Scroll

  • His appearance depicts his caliper. All who observe him are enchanted by his might and manner.

Splendid Samurai Scroll

  • The sword is an art. A samurai's swordplay and bushido are said to be one and the same.

Furious Sea Scroll

  • Waves are like the human heart. Sometimes calm, sometimes violent, and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful.

Collection Reward

Steel Dagger

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