The second treasure set in the Treasures from the Deep event.

Sard Seafood

Meltingly-soft flesh of the ocean, rendered in blood-red stone.

Pieces of Treasure

Carnelian Clam

  • A simple clam, precisely carved. Hold the object in your palm and the stone will start to beat with your pulse.

Carnelian Prawn

  • Startlingly realistic, this gem was once the favorite necklace of an eccentric and singularly lovely painter.

Carnelian Sea Bream

  • Fish is in the fins, say sculptors. This work miraculously subdues the brittleness of sard to the curving gossamer of the dorsal.

Carnelian Octopus

  • Originally carved in pale apricot carnelian, the octopus flushed a deeper red moments after the final polish.

Carnelian Sea Urchin

  • Covered in needle-sharp spikes, this remarkable sea urchin was fashioned as a single piece.

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