Many have fallen into trance gazing at these masterworks of weaving.

Pieces of Treasure

Blue Roses

  • One of the favored motifs from a desert region known for its extraordinary weavers and glassblowers.

Molecula Maleficarum

  • Persistent rumors of occult use swirl around this rug, as does the suspicion that it may be a chemistry lesson in disguise.

Jade and Gold

  • Once there were two warring kingdoms as different as metal and stone. Thread spun in both lands were woven into a single rug, the seal the peace.

Heaven Knows

  • A code wrought in silk and wool, and worn thin by human curiosity. Traced in a certain order, the stars are said to reveal a message.

Red Carpet

  • The original sign of lavish welcome, this red carpet was unrolled under the desert sun, rather than the flash of a hundred cameras.

Blessed Be

  • Awarded only to the brightest, this item of great prestige is carried away with the student to life beyond the desert, as a reminder of their roots.

Flower of Many Petals

  • Dates back to the time when a civilization of many cultures held sway over the desert, with each hue representing a people.

Collection Reward

Monkey Buddy

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