Uber Bowl

Road to Uberbowl is an arena event that uses a unique mission-style path with 6 Classes. Unlike regular missions, progress towards the completion of a class requires defeating other players to gain reputations.


Gauntlets are triggered while on mission in an Uberbowl Class, presenting the player with 3 opponents, with varying rep rewards for each, and some may have prize rewards along with the rep gain. Choose your battles carefully, though, as health does not instantly recover after a gauntlet battle.


Certain classes favor a different element. When presented with a favored element, any gear from a clan of that elemental lineage gains boosted effectiveness. This adds an extra level of strategy to the event, making it useful to equip some normally weaker gear when the elemental effect gives it a boost.

Class Rewards

Each class has a certain rep to earn in order to clear. This is 1000 reps from one class to the next until Class 7, where it switches to 2000 reps per class, and to 3000 reps starting at Class 10. As you progress through the classes, the challengers become more difficult as well.

• Class 1 - No Edge - G-Hog suit

(Allows you to join the G-Hog clan)

• Class 2 - 20% Water Edge - G-Hog loops

(Clan tool for G-Hog clan)

• Class 3 - 20% Earth Edge - Gorgeous Jutte

(Weapon for Stinger clan)

• Class 4 - 20% Wind Edge - Stinger suit

(Allows you to join Stinger clan *may differs to those who are already members)

• Class 5 - 30% Fire Edge - Mass Extinction

(Weapon for Winger clan)

• Class 6 - 40% Thunder Edge - Stinger Barb

(Tool for Stinger clan)

• Class 7 - 50% Water Edge - Double Up

(Boosts Attack and Defense)

• Class 8 - 50% Earth Edge - Double Up

(Boosts Attack and Defense)

• Class 9 - 50% Wind Edge - Stinger Helm

(Armor for Stinger clan)

• Class 10 - 50% Fire Edge - 50,000 Zeny

• Class 11 - 50% Thunder Edge - Winger Helm

(Armor for Winger clan)

• Class 12 - 50% Water Edge - Zeny