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The Raptor clan is one of four clans that were available to join during the Fallen Ninjas event, requiring completion of the Old Boar time-limited challenge to join. This clan was also released for the Double Trouble event This clan resembles a hawk.
  • Common suit earned for completing common primers
  • Rare suit earned for completing rare primers
  • Epic suit earned for completing epic primers

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Clan Description

Wind Lineage. A predictably hawkish fighter who claims the sky, and has the looks to back it up.
Raptor Clan
See clan stats in Jutsu System .

Clan Suits & Titles

The clan has 3 different suits to be worn. Mastery is earned by upgrading clan jutsu through the use of Jewels.

Common Suit

Raptor Novice

Rare Suit

Raptor Hot Shot

Epic Suit

Raptor Grandmaster

Clan Gear

As with all event clans, there are 3 pieces of clan gear associated to this clan.

  • Double Eagle
  • Raptor Helm
  • Raptor Wings

These items came with 3 different rarity. From level 3 to 5.

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