Objects of exceptional artisanship, generations in the making


This treasure set can be found in Mt Zen - Base Camp and Mt Zen - Village of Mizbe

Fenghuang Plate

- The Fenghuang is a sacred bird symbolizing tranquility. Rumor has it this plate has ended many wars.

Blue Dragon Plate

- Depicting a mystical blue dragon who is believed to have once lived in the mountains.

Qilin Plate

- A plate featuring the mystical beast, Qilin, flying through the heavens.

Phoenix Plate

- This plate, with its depiction of a phoenix, or "Bird of Fire", is said to extend the like of its owner by 7 years.

White Tiger Plate

- Featuring the white tiger of legends, this plate is said to have the power to ward of evil from all directions.

Tortoise Plate

- The tortoise was named one of the four benevolent beats. The soft green color calms all that sets eyes on it.

Silver Wolf Plate

- Worshipped as king of the mountain, they say the silver wolf of this plate will howl in the moonlight.

Collection Reward

- Iron Claws