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The Peeper clan is one of three clans that were available to join during the Distant Thunder event, requiring completion of Class 3 to join.

The clan then became availiable for a second time during the Jiraiya Doubles Down event being availiable to join by collecting 9 primers in one mission.

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Clan Description

Fire lineage.Inveterate spies with a taste of tweets. Life of the party, death on a half shell.

Peeper Descript2

See peeper clan stats in Jutsu System .

Clan Suits & Titles

The Peeper clan, like all clans,clan like all clans has 3 different suits to be worn. Like all clans you need to use Jewels to upgrade its level.

Novice Suit

Peeper Novice

Rare Suit

Peeper Hot Shot

Epic Suit

Peeper Grandmaster

Clan Gear

As with all event clans, there are 3 pieces of clan gear associated to this clan.

  • Bo Peep
  • Peeper Helm
  • Chicky Chotchke

These items came with 3 different rarity. From level 3 to 5.