Brigands' Woods is the third section of the ninja Royale world map.

Brigands Woods

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There are 7 missions in this path.
Save the Woodland Animals
Brigands are hunting and selling endangered animals left and right. Protect the vulnerable and the humble from the arrogant!
- 3 energy
+ 43-52 zeny
Hone Your Swordsmanship
A ninja's sword hits only what it intends, leaving all else untouched. Learn to strike just these leaves.
- 3 energy
+ 46-56 zeny
Break It Up, Brigands!
Drunken brigands are wreaking havoc on nature. Tame them with your sword.
- 3 energy
+ 53-60 zeny
Help the Villagers!
This time, the drunken brigands are terrorizing the village. Show them the door!
- 3 energy
+ 58-64 zeny
Putting Out Fires
The brigands are setting wildfires to scare the villagers. Put out the fires, and save the mountain and its people!
- 3 energy
+ 65-76 zeny
Locate the Brigand's Den
There is no end in sight to the damage wrought by the brigands. Time to find their mountain hideout, and put an end to this.
- 3 energy
+ 77-84 zeny
Get the Second-in-Command
The chief brigand is close. Take out the minions that bar your way, and meet him face to face!
- 3 energy
+85-90 zeny


Chief Brigand is the boss for this path.


Crests - when completed earns an armor item called Expert Helm

Ancient Temples - when completed earns a tool called Fallwind Scarf