Legba Main

During the Legba and the Hell Spawns event, also known as Crackdown 3, players would encounter boss monsters while on missions. These boss monsters were tougher than normal opponents and would sometimes require several battles to defeat. Upon defeat, the boss would be "Cracked" and the player would be rewarded points and prizes, based on performance.


• Zomja


The zomja was the weakest and most common boss. With properly boosted event clan gear, these likely required few battles to complete.

• BoneHead


The Bonehead was a Rare foe, but was still second to the Zomja in how commonly it was encountered. Far tougher than the Zomja, it often took far longer to defeat and was usually better handled with help.

• Pedro


Pedro, Legba's dog, was not initially encountered by players and was labelled as SuperRare. The second challenge during this event required 3 of these to be defeated to complete. Pedro was a tough opponent and often required several encounters to beat, making help greatly appreciated.

• Sarvara


The legendary 3-headed dog was not a foe one could handle easily. Capable of defeating players in a single strike, this was by far the toughest opponent of the event. Especially since it also had the shortest window of time to be defeated in. With a bounty of 77,777 Zeny up for those who were capable of bringing it down, though, the challenge was worth the effort.

• Legba


This necromancer was only able to be encountered after clearing the required number of spawns for the round. A worthy adversary, Legba was among the toughest opponents to crack. However, his defeat would lead to the next round of foes.


With the toughness of the foes, asking for assistance helped yield faster cracks. The downside to assists is that assisting players would get a share of the rewards based on how much health they shaved off. Unlike the player cracking the boss, assisting players would get their rewards after their participation.


This event included 2 bonuses to provide opportunity to join and earn Echo clan gear.

Collection Challenge: Legba Items This challenge required players to collect each of Legba's 3 items: Monacle, Vestments, and the Boneyard Staff. The reward for this challenge was entry into the Echo clan and Nocturne Knives. The downside to this challenge is that it ended prior to the event's conclusion, allowing players to complete the collection without gaining the rewards and rendering the rewards from the second challenge useless

Takedown Challenge: Pedro This challenge required the player to crack 3 Pedros. The rewards for this challenge were the Echo Helm and Wings

Clan Edge

Joining the event clans and equipping/upgrading their gear gave an edge over Legba and his minions. This helped in completing takedowns quickly and allowing more progress within the event.