The second treasure set in the Who's That Ninja event.

The light of these lanterns can guide travelers, from even miles away.

Pieces of Treasure

Mountain Lantern

  • A lantern made to pray for productive harvests and prosperous business. Lighting it every night supposedly brings dreams of bounty and riches.

Sea Bream Lantern

  • Sea bream leaping out of the water are painted on this lantern. It was given as a farewell gift to a fisherman embarking on a long journey at sea.

Kaguya Lantern

  • This masterpiece is painted with scenes from The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. It reportedly houses a strange power within its mysterious glow.

Turtle Lantern

  • This lucky lantern is a turtle shell shaped like a star. Legend has it that lighting it will grant one long life.

Lizard Lantern

  • This lantern with a lizard painted elaborately on it fools some into thinking it is an actual lizard.

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