Bright yet sophisticated, these are garments for seasoned warriors.


Pieces of Treasure

Flower Storm Kimono

  • The kimono of a tea shop girl, the darling of the town. Cherries are the breath of spring, the sign of renewal.

Autumn Air Kimono

  • The kimono of a poet. The leaves of fall stain the sky and paint the water, setting the dreams of bards afire.

White Squall Kimono

  • The kimono of a lone warrior. In the vastness of the seas, we see something of his solitude and turmoil.

Tranquility Kimono

  • The kimono of a princess of an untroubled land. The dragonlies cavort in a sky never rent by arrows or gunfire.

Moonlight Kimono

  • The kimono of an eastern queen. An unknown mountain murmurs its tale to fickle moon.

Red Koi Kimono

  • The kimono of merchant. In this classic mtif, a carps swims against the current, a symbol of strength in adversity.

Great Bird Kimono

  • The kimono of a globetrotting performer. He lived as a free as a bird, delighting one audience after another.

Collection Reward

Stealth Greaves

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