Jiraiya! The Wielder of the dark, a rock star among ninjas.

The world is his back yard, and the toughest missions, his diversions. Careless with priceless scrolls, careful with hearts and minds, he's the big brother of the Mt. Zen tribe. And you know how it is with older brothers...

"Got some primo primers for you, young 'uns! But no more penny antes, know what I'm saying? Let's see if your eyes are sharp enough to find me! You'll have to see through the shadow clones!"

Jiraiya gets down to business with his Shadow Clone jutsu! Catch the mini-raiyas as they scatter in the dark. Can YOU unmask the real Jiraiya in the horde?


Clans you can get from this event:

Yellowjack Clan:

Thunder lineage. This spy likes a classic beat with lethal tempo: One sting to ill, two to kill.

Rockhop Clan:

Water lineage. A deep diver fixated on saving his own skin, or rather a cutting-edge wetsuit.

Aquila Clan:

Wind lineage. Just one of these bellicose birdies can control the skies and rain down terror.


Very Rare Drop Items (After Catching Jiraiya):

Scoop of Riches sells for 150k zeny.
Handful of Might sells for 10 dragon gems and 2 dragon ore.
Candelabra starting at 10 attack/defense and sells for 3000 zeny.

Yellowjack Beeswings starting at 667 attack/defense.
Yellowjack Beeswings* starting at 2042 attack/defense.
Yellowjack Beeswings** starting at 2542 attack/defense.
Yellowjack Swarm Spike* starting at 4085 attack.
Yellowjack Swarm Spike** starting at 5085 attack.
Yellowjack Helm* starting at 4085 defense.
Yellowjack Helm** starting at 5085 defense.

Rockhop Scarf* starting at 3292 attack/defense.
Rockhop Scarf** starting at 3292 attack/defense.
Rockhop Flip Out starting at 3835 attack.
Rockhop Flip Out* starting at 6585 attack.
Rockhop Flip Out** starting at 7585 attack.
Rockhop Helm starting at 3835 defense.
Rockhop Helm* starting at 6585 defense.
Rockhop Helm** starting at 7585 defense.

Aquila Span starting at 3167 attack/defense.
Aquila Span* starting at 4417 attack/defense.
Aquila Ad Summum starting at 6335 attack.
Aquila Ad Summum* starting at 8835 attack.
Aquila Ad Summum** starting at 9565 attack.
Aquila Helm* starting at 8835 defense.
Aquila Helm** starting at 9565 defense.

Event Characters:




Get nine primers in one mission and get the G-hog loops*

Meet goals of amount of players primers are given too and get certain prizes.

Get 1 double bond to get G-hog star item Hibernator*.

get 3 double bonds to get final G-hog star item G-hog helm*.

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