Their brillance is a lens for the wearer's own beauty, for better or worse.


Pieces of Treasure

Collar of Entraty

  • A piece of jewellery that supposedly protects the wearer in battle, then disintegrates. Obviously nobody has every used it.

Tefnut's Wristlet

  • A legendary bracelet infused with the power of a goddess, said to call in the rain clouds even on the clearest day when the engraved spell is read.

Eye of Dauphine

  • One of the treasured wonders, the center diamond is said to be as beautiful as the eyes of a princess.

Golden Shells

  • A necklace of shells, reproduced in solid gold. The weight makes it a piece for showing, not wearing.

Proof of Blood

  • An especially precious bracelet that only patricians were allowed to wear. Used as a proof of identity, to gain access to castles and keeps.

Seal of Love

  • These were presented by the king to his queen. Legend has it that a couple who wears these can live happily every after.

Ring of Safe Passage

  • A fascinating ring with the power to ward off scorpions and cobras. A must-have for desert wanderers.

Collection Reward

Cobra Ring

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