Goods are items that can be used to upgrade, improve, or assist during gameplay.

General Goods

  • Cookie

A golden cookie, redolent with butter. One-off use, but oh, the sweet energy. Crumbs on your lips, foes at your feet.

  • Restores 20 energy
  • Max 5 per day

Dorayaki S
  • Dorayaki (S)

A bite-size piece of plump silver-dollar pancakes, filled with anko. Eases fatigue and restores a single battle turn.

  • Restores 1 Battle Turn
  • Max 5 per day

  • Trap

An amazing explosive trap for one-off use, that lobs bombs from afar at would-be treasure snatchers. Foes would be lucky to escape alive.

  • Placed on Treasure, either event or mission

Upgrading Gear

Equipment you own can be upgraded to increase its effectiveness. Gears have a certain upgrade limit, which may vary from item to item. Common upgrade limits are 15, 30, 50, and 99. Only clan-specific gear tends to have a limit of 99. In order to upgrade gear, you will need an upgrader and some Zenys. You need multiple mini upgrades to actually upgrade an equipment.

The 3 types of upgraders are as follows.

Dragon Gem
  • Dragon Gems

This is the most common upgrader and can be found during missions and also awarded after boss fights. Provides one upgrade each time.

  • Dragon Ore

It can be obtained thru login rewards or the various events.

Provides about ten upgrades each time depending on your equipment level.

Zenys needed are equivilent to number of upgrades.

  • Dragon Lodes

Requires no Zenys to upgrade.

This item is no longer available at the Premium Store.

Upgrading Clan Jutsu

Clan Jutsu you have can be upgraded to increase its percentages. In order to upgrade clan jutsu, you will need an upgrader and some Zeny.

The 3 types of upgraders are as follows.

Jewel S
  • Jewel (S)

A small bead of lead crystal, used to enhance the master of clan jutsu

Jewel M
  • Jewel (M)

A lustrous jade bead, used to enhance the mastery of clan jutsu

  • Jewel (L)

Crackdown Event Goods

Summoning Bell
  • Summoning Bell

The Bell ensures an immediate encounter with the event boss on the next mission. Each Bell can be used just once. Also, Summoning bell can only be used during the Crackdown Event.

  • 1 Use Each
  • Increases chance for event boss
  • Duration: 3-5 minutes depend on level

  • Standstill
    • 1 Use Each
    • Pauses event boss for 3 seconds

Arena Event Goods

  • Attack Aid
    • Increases attack by 20%
    • 1 use each
    • Duration: 1 battle
Def Cola
  • Def-Cola
    • Increase defense by 20%
    • 1 use each
    • Duration: 1 battle

  • Super Duper
    • Increases attack and defense
    • Duration: 3 battles

  • First Aid Kit (S)
    • Restores health or send to another ninja
    • 1 use each
  • First Aid Kit (L)
    • Fully restores health
    • 1 use each

Removed Goods

  • Hematite

Fairly easy to acquire and use, hematite is used to upgrade gear.

  • Used to upgrade gear

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