The third treasure set in the Treasures from the Deep event.

Golden Catch

A gold menageries of marine creatures, found in an old sea chest.

Pieces of Treasure

Gold Clam

  • An engraving on the clam provides the only tantalizing clue to the origin of the hoard: "An Amusement for Duchsse de Rie"

Gold Prawn

  • The gold prawn was offered to the demon-lord of Cerro Azul, and is credited with calming the volcano for 220 years.

Gold Sea Bream

  • For years until its value was discovered, this gold fish inexplucably adorned the store sign of a Scottish pub, Ben & Blair.

Gold Octopus

  • Purchased for an outrageous sum by the caudillo of Ca, the object was used as a paperweight for his meticulous reports.

Gold Sea Urchin

  • Beautiful to behold, the 24-karat wonder will slip its heavy spikes right into any hand unwise enough to cradle it.

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