The first treasure set in the Who's That Ninja event.

Fans of forgotten grace. One languid flick can turn the trade winds.

Pieces of Treasure

Edo Fan

  • The flat fan is used at various festivals. The pattern of waves on red has an energizing effect.

Flower Fan

  • A bowl decorated with the fantastical fireworks of Tamaya, the greatest fireworks maker in Edo, whose residents were mesmerized by the displays.

Violet Fan

  • A fan adored by poets who wrote elegant and sweet verses about love, especially a food number about violets.

Painter's Fan

  • A fan painted by Kitagawa Utamaro, famed for his depictions of beautiful ladies. His fine and gentle woodblock paintings were works of art.

Goldfish Fan

  • They say the more you fan yourself with this item, the wealthier you will become. It shines a golden hue and increases one's desire for wealth.

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