The Flagon Collection is pretty much like a tutorial treasure collection.

The player starts off with most of the pieces, ponder upon a few during missions and finally finishes the collection by participating in their first battle.


This treasure set can be found in Mt Zen - Base Camp

Pieces of Treasure

The Flagon Collection consist of the following pieces:

• Wild Warrior Bottle:

A road warrior used to hang this manly bottle from his belt. Whilst plain, it is rugged enough to withstand battle.

• Maiden Bottle:

A maiden once used this charming ceramic bottle as an amulet. Any sake it holds will taste divine.

• Earth Bottle:

Whilst simple in appearance, this bottle was made with painstaking precision from a clay that shines brighter with every polish.

• Beaded Bottle:

A sake bottle made from glass. With glass beads inside as well, it makes a delightful sound when held. Rumor says it's actually not a sake bottle...

• Red Fish Bottle:

A glass bottle depicting a pure red fish. They say the fish will move when sake is poured.

• Big Catch Bottle:

This bottle was used lovingly by a famous fisherman who spent his life intoxicated on fine sake and abundant catches.

• A Boozer's Bottle:

This gourd-shaped bottle was a prized possession of a legendary drinker. It exudes a magic power that keeps people drinking.

Collection Reward

Upon completion of the treasure collection you will recieve a First Compass.

A great tool for beginners as it is one of only few tools that gives you luck.