Events are held periodically and provide opportunity for joining new clans and obtaining clan-specific gears.

There are various types of events, but basically all of them utilizes something like point system and provides a series of rewards when certain points are hit.

Current Event

Electric Hullabaloo  (Crackdown Event)  Welcome to the War (Newcomer Event) First 3 days of gameplay only

Past Events

Types of Events

While there are various events with different names and objectives, they they can be classified into four types.

• Crackdown

In these events, players will randomly encounter bosses while doing missions. The point is to defeat everyone of them. It may take several encounters to "Crack" a boss however, sucessfully doing so yields points and awards you with various prizes.

• Treasure

In these events, Black Treasure chests can be found while doing missions. They contain treasures from unique event collections. Just like the regular treasure collections, you may battle other players and attempt to steal their treasures to complete your collection.

• Primer

In these events, players will encounter Jiraiya and his shadow clones. Eliminate shadow clones to gain primers. Read enough primers to memorize them and when you memorizes all 5 you will be eligible for a new clan. There are also group crackdowns for bosses.

Jiraiya fights have switched to Saizo fights (Aesthetic difference only)

• Arena

In these events, there's a special mission lineup of arena classes. Battle other players to gain reputations, advance through the classes and earn prizes. Be careful though, health lost in such battles doesn't recover as quickly.

Points and Prizes

While the individual aspects of the events may vary, one common thing they have in common are points and prizes. Completing event objectives (i.e. reading a primer, cracking a foe, etc) will earn you points which qualifies you to claim prizes from the prize gallery.

The Prize Gallery can be accessed by tapping on the Leaderboard scroll Ranking on it. This pulls up the event window where there is a button on the bottom of the screen for the Prize Gallery.

Within the prize gallery, you will see a list of prizes and points required to claim them. When you have earn enough points to claim the prizes they will turn "Available". Claiming rewards does NOT deduct your total points. It's more of a reward for reaching certain milestones.

Common prizes include Cookies, Zenys, Dragon Gems, and most importantly clan gears. Do not expect to find the entire set of clan gears in the Prize Gallery though. Some must be earned from the event itself.

Events and Clan Gear

Usually, clan gears available during each event will gain a minor bonus when equipped during the event itself. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, in Arena Events, the elemental lineages determine the bonuses. In addition the newest arena event also includes the clan gear bonus.

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