Gear Types

Gear for your character can be classified into three categories: weapons, armor, and tools.

Items equipped in the weapons slots boost the attack stat, leading to higher damage against opponents.

Items equipped in the armor slots boost the defense stat, reducing the damage taken from others' attacks.

Items equipped in the tools slots boost attack and defense stats equally.

Upgrade Gear

Gear can be upgraded using zeny, Dragon Gem, Dragon Ore, and Dragon Lode, in order to raise the item's stats.


Multiples of the same gear item can be fused together in order to create a single item with increased base stats and an increased maximum upgrade limit. An item of gear can only be fused a limited number of times. Every gear item has a different fusion limit.


During events, the stats for certain gear items may receive a temporary boost due to lineage edge or event edge.


The auto-slot function, accessible on the profile screen, automatically assigns the optimal combination of your most powerful gear and jutsu, in order to maximize your stats during an event or a battle.

Gear Rarity

Gear can have 6 different rarity levels, each with a different background color.

Gear rarity

Obtaining Gear

Equipment can be obtained in the following ways:

  • From Hime's Hoard in exchange for tokens
  • Rewarded for completing collections
  • Awarded in the prize gallery during events
  • Given as a final prize after an event
  • Awarded as a daily login bonus
  • Awarded by entering a referral code
  • Awarded if someone else enters your referral code

Equipping Gear

When you obtain gear, you can equip it from Profile > Gear by tapping on the gear item, tapping Equip, and then choosing a gear slot.

Clan unique gear can be equipped only if you own the corresponding gear.


On Friday October 26, 2012, Ninja Royale introduced a filter option to make it easier to find specific gear. Your gear list can be filtered by these options: All, Fusable, Might & Riches, **** or under, *** or under, ** or under, and * only.

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