Some call these drums of destiny, with beats that resonate deep in the heart.


Pieces of Treasure

Tribal Drum

  • Used by a long-gone masked tribe in its high feasts. The distinctive, piercing beat carries for well over a mile.

Giant's Drum

  • One strike of this drum sets the ground trembling. Said to belong to the titans, this potent relic is now housed in a shrine.

Icebound Drum

  • Painstakingly carved from eons-old glacial ice, this triumph of craftsmanship freezes the very air with its notes.

Water Drum

  • Makes heavenly music, according to the fortunate few in the know. The fragile glass body means you'll likely never find out.

Hellfire Drum

  • A treasure that lives up to its name. Skinned in lava, pounding this drum sets of a storm of sparks and a blast of heat.

Thunder Drum

  • Play the drum, and a clap of thunder follows. This mythical, and now forbidden, object may have belonged to the thunder god.

Redwood Drum

  • The drum of every drum master, his masterpiece by a famed artisan was made from fallen trunk of a millenial redwood.

Collection Reward

Dragon Kite

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