From treasures maps to secret histories, riddles are writ large in these records.


Pieces of Treasure

The Codex of Healers

  • An essential codex of great antiquity that records recipes for healing portions. Healers still follow this book in preparing their cures.

Warrior's Slate

  • A slate that records the basics of combat, also rumored to be a treasure map. The truth eludes believers and skeptics alike.

Warlock's Slate

  • Legend has it that this slate grants the power of flight.. Alas, no one can read it, and test this theory.

Book of the Ancients

  • A piece of history that records the life and times of the ancients. It is also a key that, when embedded in some hollow, unlocks the way to a treasure.

The Air Scroll

  • A secret treatise that lays out fighting techniques developed by a mythical ninja who mastered the winds. It takes an advanced ninja to learn these techniques.

Priestess' Fan

  • An anciet document in praise of a legendary priestess, with her accomplishments recorded on each leaf.

Feasts of Gods

  • Worshipped as a girft from the gods, this tome has been carefully guarded for millenia. Both the author and the content remain a mystery.

Collection Reward

Ultimate Blade

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