Crests from a time-honored line of ninjas, with provence.


This treasure set can be found in Mt Zen - Village of Mizbe and Mt Zen - Brigands Woods

Pieces of Treasure

Beetle Crest

  • Ninjas of this crest are said to protect the earth. The earth is the bearer of great life.

Rain Cloud Crest

  • Rumor says that the bearer of this crest can control water. A treasure indeed in times of water shortage.

Allegiance Crwst

  • The line belonging to this crest were famouse for their allegiance to their lord, who in fact gave them this crest.

Sacred Peaks Crest

  • The crest protectors of the mountain. Even after the family who belonged to this crest passed, the mountains live on.

Sun Crest

  • This faimly gathered Ninjas from all around the world. No matter where people are from, we all live under the same sun.

Dark Eye Crest

  • A family crest expressing the contradiction of fighting to prevent war. It resembles both sadness and anger at the same time.

Den-Den Taiko Crest

  • The Ninjas of this family are said to have beaten on this drum all night long after a victorious battle.

Collection Reward

Expert Helmet

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