Desert succulents in a diversity of types and uses, from food to decoration.


Pieces of Treasure

Rock Cactus

  • An ordinary cactus in appearance but harder than iron, this valuable plant is also used to make weapons.

Apothecary Cactus

  • An astounding cactus with healing powers just a dab heals wounds, but hard to grow and short-lived.

Flocking Cactus

  • Multiple growths of this cactus tend to cluster together. Nicely sized, and therefore popular as ornamental plants.

Pemmican Cactus

  • A very prized edible cactus. A rare treat in the desert, with a flavor and succulence to rival prime cuts of beef.

Cactus Bento

  • A selection of edible cacti. A gourment meal full of valuable plants, but the looks put off a lot of people.

Cactus Globus

  • An antique object d'art, said to be hidden in the desert. A lovely piece with a globe inside, but a little painful to open.

Royal Cactus

  • A rare cactus carefully raised by an artisan and presented to a king. The equally rare planter was specifically commissioned.

Collection Reward

Cacti Gauntlets

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