No mere legal tender, bullions make excellent throwing weapons for ninjas.


Pieces of Treasure

Jade Bullion

  • A gemstone coin ordered by a city merchant as a royal offering. It cemented his position with the powers that be.

Silver Pine

  • Issued to celebrate the 10th anniversary of a nation's founding. Alas, so hard to use it was withdrawn from circulation.

Brigand's Coin

  • Once displayed by brigands as a trophy item. Apparently a foreign currency, stolen from god knows where.

Royal Bullion

  • The heirloom of antique dealers. Said to bring power and glory, the coin has bestowed neither to the family.

Cardinal Coin

  • Spun like a top, the coin becomes a compass, showing the directions. One drawnback: looks exactly like regular coins.

Dilettante's Coin

  • A bullion created by a peer with far too much money. Edged in diamonds, and worth more than a small county.

Beckoning Bullion

  • Buisness seems to boom when this item falls into the owner's hands. Skeptics claim it's a fraud--that's no Money Cat!

Collection Reward

Novice Amulet

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