The Babi is a clan that was available to join during the Victory Shall Be Mine event,

Babi Tile
requiring to clear the following goals:
  • Common suit Earned by earning 5,000 points
  • Rare suit Earned by earning 5,000 points
  • Epic suit Earned vy placing in the top 1,000

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Clan Description

Fire Lineage. The most esoteric of clans, a blend of mettler rare and base. Holier than thou, bub.

Babi Info

See Babi clan stats in Jutsu System .

Clan Suits & Titles

The Babi clan has 3 different suits to be worn. Mastery is earned by upgrading clan jutsu through the use of Jewels.

Common Suit

Babi Common

Rare Suit

Babi Rare

Epic Suit

Babi Epic

Clan Gear

As with all event clans, there are 3 pieces of clan gear associated to this clan.

  • Thoth's Trident
  • Babi Helm
  • Shield Of Sanctity

These items came with 3 different rarity. From level 3 to 5.

Babi Clan event