The attack power of your character is determined by your weapon and tools. Your level DOES effect your attack stat and increases by 5 points each level, starting at 50 at level 1. Having high attack stats is important for dealing out blows during battle. The higher your attack power, the more damage each hit deals to your opponent.

The attack power of your gear can be upgraded in the following ways:

  • Finding and equiping gear with high attack stats
  • Upgrading weapons and tools, using either of the three upgraders
  • Fusing weapons and tools
  • Equiping Clan Jutsu's to a specific item can increase your attack power by a certain percentage.

Note: Your attack and defence can be DRAMATICALLY increased in certain events based on event item bonuses or lineage bonuses. You can use the "event edge" button to increase your stats to its maximum effectivness at the given time. In the weapons and tools section you can see how much attack stats each gearpiece has. Remember, these pages are still under construction, so not every weapon has information available on this site.

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