Precision miniatures. Lovely to behold, useful to prep for infiltrations.

Ancient Temples

This treasure set can be found in Mt Zen - Brigands Woods and Mt Zen - White Oblivion

Pieces of Treasure

Gold Castle

  • A golden caste, built as a symbol of a great lord's might. The roof is made from pure gold.

Jade Tower

  • This multi-layered jade tower was made in an attempt to reach heaven and get nearer to God. Its owner ran out of strength mid-construction.

Scarlett Pavilion

  • This roof pavilion is said to have been built to flaunt the wealth and prestige of an aristocrat.

Migrant Bird Storehouse

  • This giant storehouse was built by a wealthy merchant to store his own assets. In reality it is said to be immense in size.

Old Temple

  • A small temple made from stone. It was built so long ago its origins are a mystery.

Shadow Church

  • This church was built by missionaries from the West. Original building techniques were used.

Foreign King's Grave

  • In this grave made from brink lies a king from a far-off land. No one knows how to enter it.

Collection Reward

Fallwind Scarf

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