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The Absconja clan is one of four clans that were available to join during the Night of the Serpent Arena Uberbowl event.

It required the completion of Class 21 to achieve. The Absconja clan looks almost exactly like the Aspis clan, with the exception of the Epic Suit.

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Clan Description

Fire Lineage . Fighters of the overskill school of thought, rearin' to go and packin' venom.

Clan Suits & Titles

The Absconja clan like all clans has 3 different suits to be worn. Like all clans you need to use Jewels to upgrade its level.

Common Suit

Absconja Novice

Rare Suit

Absconja Hot Shot

Epic Suit

Absconja Grandmaster

Clan Gear

Like the original 3 starter clans, There is no clan gear associated with the Absconja Clan.

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